Why Is It So Hard to Hire an Inbound Marketing Manager?

Show me the one person with all the skills necessary to successfully perform Inbound Marketing and we’ll delete this post.

Outsource Your Inbound Marketing

In our conversations with adventure brands looking to take advantage of Inbound, the one thing they continue to struggle with is finding a perfect hire for the position of Inbound Marketing Manager a.k.a. Digital Content Strategist a.k.a. Digital Lead Generator a.k.a. Bigfoot. You can call it what you want, but one employee who can run the whole operation is just not someone you are going to find.


It’s not a question of how to title the role — The question is: “How do I find someone that can do the job of at least 4 experts?” Only experienced Strategists, Writers, Designers, and Developers can handle this entire list of Inbound Marketing tasks:

  • Lead Generation
  • CRM Maintenance
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Design
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Blogging
  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • Paid Digital Media
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Research
  • Copywriting
  • Content Planning
  • User Experience (UX)

help wanted, genie needed.


Not exactly. You’re right about the importance of your website. Hell, it is the central nervous system of your digital presence. Without your site, there would be no SEO, no conversions, and no organic growth.

But Inbound Marketing is not an automatic, off-the-shelf thing that takes hold after the site is built — it’s an ongoing marketing strategy that uses value-focused content to drive traffic and engagement to your website so you can build a list of contacts to then continue to market to.

Inbound is the path to authenticity for your brand n marketing, but it does take time and effort. Time to learn the software (CRM/CSM), even more time to get the most out of the tools, and still more time to constantly perform the daily/weekly/monthly tasks, at a high level. And who wants to be low level?

Take Back Your Lunch!


Sure, there are tutorials, how-to videos, and blogs online, but you will need to dig deeper if you want your business to successfully leverage this type of marketing. Inbound Marketing is based on the fundamentals of advertising, and in order to maximize its positive impact, requires experience in strategy, customer targeting, analytics, design, development, and user experience (not to mention knowledge of CMS/CRM tools like Hubspot, WordPress, Wix, etc.). For reference, Hubspot, the originator of the term “Inbound Marketing,” offers hundreds of hours of training tutorials on their website. But who’s got time for that?!

That’s why we offer a different type of solution. One that’s meant to get you and your marketing department up and running, creating high-quality content at a strong cadence, and filling the lead generation funnel full of qualified leads and interested buyers.

Inbound Marketing Manager Experts.jpg


Just like Inbound, it’s all about value, and for about the salary of hiring one full-time employee, who almost definitely does not have all the skills needed to excel at Inbound Marketing, you can outsource to an agency with experts who specialize in the entire digital marketing realm (plus years of traditional marketing experience as well!).


The first step in most cases is to talk to our team about a marketing analysis which will arm you with one report identifying opportunities, competition, and a list of action items toward success.

Our team is eager to help you build your digital presence, sell your products or services, and help you create a value-driven buyer journey to fuel your growth and sales. Activate your digital marketing potential today.

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