Why a Strategic Marketing Analysis?

To empower your brand, reduce waste, further your reach, and increase sales. It’s that simple.

Your business isn’t “off the shelf” and your marketing can’t be either. Every business is different, behind every set of doors are different goals, different missions and a whole bunch of interesting personalities coming together to make your business unique.

In our strategic marketing analysis, we work with you to understand your goals and objectives as well as your internal capabilities to ensure you are on the right path, with the right solutions that will work for you.




What we do in a Strategic Review

Perform a Competitive Analysis
Understand your position in the market by surveying your direct and indirect competitors, from their social and media presence to their active campaigns, SEO strategy and future direction.

Examine Your Audience Preferences
Which pieces of content inspire your customers to interact with your brand? What are their preferred touch points? How can we leverage that information to help more? To engage more? Learn how to build on success and turn soft engagement into hard sales.

Define how you interact
As we learn more about your audience, we know A LOT about their preferences and what makes them tick (or click). We leverage that information against your existing digital properties and optimize UI/UX organization-wide based on your consumer conversion profiles.

The Most Effective Digital Tactics
Digital marketing is constantly evolving and new online sales channels seem to spring up seasonally. We will pinpoint which channels work best for your products, your personas, your competitors, and your brand.

Always Know Who You Sell To
We will dive into your unique target audiences and uncover their emotional and rational reasons for purchase. We’ll uncover any untapped consumer personas that could hold buying potential and deliver a framework for updating your personas regularly.

Optimize Your SEO and Breathe New Life into Old Assets
We see it time and time again: A great piece of content is just a little bit out of tune, needing a bit of keyword optimization to rank well and start to drive traffic, leads, and sales. We’ll help you dust off that old content with a fresh dose of SEO.

Our Strategic Marketing Report Gives You Actionable Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

Website Optimization: How easy/difficult is it for a user to navigate your website? Where are they getting lost?

Marketing Channel Analysis: Which digital sales channel(s) work best? Which has the lowest CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)?

SEO Performance: How are you ranking on Google? Are you ranking for what you should be in order to get traffic, leads, sales? What can you do to boost your keyword rankings? What are the short and long-tail keywords that can best influence your bottom line? What are your competitors targeting?

Conversion Point Optimization: Are your shoppers dropping out of the sales funnel before purchase? Where can A/B testing improve your conversion rate? Is your buyer journey intuitive?

Competitive Review: What and who are you up against? Where are your competitors playing? Where is your competition #winning? Where are they vulnerable?

Market Positioning: What is your claim to fame in your market? Are you positioned in the most advantageous spot? How can you position your brand to outshine your competitors? We’ll help you be that island.

Brand Analysis: How do your customers view your brand? Which feelings does your brand conjure? Is your brand aligned across every marketing channel?

Persona(s) & Target Audience: Are you targeting the right people? Are you missing opportunities to target new audiences? Is your whole team aligned on who you actually sell to? Do your marketing efforts match your persona’s preferences?

Social Brand Alignment: Forget “best practices”! Are you engaging your customers on their terms? Are you effectively building value-based relationships to boost repeat sales? Are you creating brand ambassadors by delighting your customers at each touchpoint?

Budget Analysis: Are you spending your ad budget efficiently and effectively? Are you investing in the right channels? Where should you be spending your budget to maximize ROI?

Reporting Reality: What do the numbers mean? Are you looking at the right data sets? Do you have reporting processes in place to organize your data for the long-term?

Missed Opportunities & Action: Unique to your goals, we will hand you a list of actionable next steps you can take to strategically improve overall marketing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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