Make Sure Your Team Is A Strategic Resource

Make marketing a resource

Done right, marketing is one of the most powerful and important tools in your entire organization. But in too many companies it becomes marginalized – especially in smaller to mid-sized organizations. More often than not this is an education issue that becomes ingrained in the culture – and it’s your job to fix it. The blame game won’t get you anywhere and it’s not their fault anyway — the folks who marginalize marketing have typically been exposed to underperforming marketers. Their team didn’t add real value, didn’t get involved in meeting company goals or, the likely culprit, they just didn’t communicate what they were doing. You need to help your colleagues understand marketing related growth and why when you win, they win.

Do: Show up

And show up with purpose; bring your A game. Why come to the meeting if you’re just going to sit there quietly until it’s over? Make marketing a resource — bring some ideas and speak up. Present a new way to handle a repeating concept, or suggest something new you can try to overcome some ongoing challenge. Suggest that whoever owns that challenge, like Jim from accounting, work with you on your idea to try and make a difference. You won’t believe the level of interest folks have once they are connected to a solution. Not to mention Jim is probably pretty bright, after all the same company that hired you hired him, right? Make the most out of the experience, learn from it, report on it and then do it again. Insert yourself and your mysterious marketing skills in every nook and cranny in your organization and pound out value. Action trumps everything. You don’t need to know the answer to know that there is an answer out there… You and Jim will find it together.

Do: Bang your gong

We’ve dealt with this topic before – it’s super important. You (should) already know what’s important to your organization, fiscally, politically and culturally. You’ve designed your marketing efforts around delivering results for these KPI’s. The last step is to make sure you report on your success (and failures) in a compelling manner that involves and includes the rest of your organization. Show them how you are getting them closer to their goals. Teach them why you are a “go-to” resource adding value to their lives. Start by structuring your reporting around metrics and a story that actually matter. Know your audience, know their triggers and report on what’s working and what isn’t and most importantly, what it means to them and what’s next.

Don’t: Be that busy person

Don’t be like everyone else. Don’t be the blowhard always explaining how busy you are when someone needs you. No one cares. The people always talking about how busy they need a time management class. Stand up and be the team that your organization can always rely on. If you need more resources, handle it – but don’t use it as an excuse not to perform. Being a “go-to” resource company-wide and crushing projects for all the teams who need it is what will really drive your internal value. You want a bigger budget? Want a larger team? Become a department everyone depends on – you’ll get it.

  • Start a task force to tackle an ongoing organizational challenge.
  • Every month ask someone from a different department what you can help with. Then help. Help them so hard it helps.

Hopefully, you’re all hyped up to take charge and insert your marketing self all over your organization! Remember, start every initiative by thinking about how and where you will add value – not just be seen. Every undertaking doesn’t need to be monumental and you don’t need to be involved in every project at all times. Blaze your own path where you can make a difference and then do so with a smile. Then report on it. Don’t forget to grab our free guide to the and kickstart your gong bangin’!

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