Joe McEwan — Starling Cycles



EPISODE 08 — Joe McEwan is an interesting, do-it-all kind of guy. Welder, aerospace engineer, early golfer, better cyclist, and maker of amazing, one-of-a-kind mountain bikes. Listen in as Adam and Joe, founder of Starling Cycles, talk about bikes and more. We think Adam was hypnotized by Joe’s accent, but we aren’t sure. Let us know what you think. There’s more to discover, like references and links in the show notes. Have at it.


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We collected some mentions, resources, and stuff discussed in this episode:
Starling Cycles
Dave Yates Framebuilder since 1977
The Beady Little Eye
Dirt Magazine
Steve Jones
Sender Mag
Murmur 29″
Still curious about Starling Cycles from Bristol, UK? Check out their Instagram or watch some videos on their Facebook.

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