Is a CMS Right for My Business?

The short answer is: Yes, absolutely. Here’s why…

A Content Management System, or CMS (like Joomla, WordPress or HubSpot), makes it easier for you to create, edit, and publish your content online. Even non-technical authors can quickly and easily publish their work.

Not all users have the same comfort level with technology, but basic CMS functions of writing and publishing content, and more advanced functions of adding media are usually easy to grasp. In fact, if you can use word-processing software, chances are you can use a CMS.

Almost every single time we perform a strategic marketing analysis for an adventure brand, we recommend the implementation of a CMS if one is not already in place. Updating the CMS template to fit the current colors, design, or navigational structure, of the site, is a piece of cake for an experienced developer.

Need to change something on your site? Post some updates? Without a CMS that could mean having to search through hundreds of pages, making changes on each one. With a CMS, the underlying architecture is the same for all pages, so you can make maintenance changes, update the CMS software, and add functionality without breaking the site (or the bank).


cms security

Security is an important issue – for all companies. A CMS can facilitate better content security. It allows you to control who is authorized to publish to the website, and who is allowed to see what contents; security functionality is built right in. There is a complete access manager in most CMS so you can choose which pages you want to be public and which ones you want to be restricted to certain visitors or users.


Speed and performace

Content Management Systems reduce time-to-publish, allowing you to get your content online faster. The quicker you get key content published, the more value it creates. You can make efficient updates and modifications at any time and from anywhere when using a web-based CMS. Content management is about publishing content as well as being able to remove it when it’s out of date. With a CMS, this is as simple as unpublishing the old pages – all menus and links update automatically, so your customers continue to have a clean experience.

Take back your lunch!


Content Management Software helps develop your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using a structured and organized method. Headers, tags, and metadata are all pulled out and spotlighted in a clean fashion, allowing users to quickly and easily fine-tune their keywords.

Plus, a CMS allows you to make changes to your site in real time, and these changes will be reflected in your search engine rankings immediately.

The Mobile Bonus

cms for mobile

With modern Content Management Systems, you can create a responsive version of your website that is automatically optimized for display on mobile devices. In today’s mobile world, this is a necessity and a brilliant bonus you get from a CMS.

Want to learn more? Need help deciding on the right CMS for your firm?

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