Get Outside is an insider look at the people influencing the sports we love – mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, hiking, skiing, cycling and anything else that gets you outdoors and your heart rate up!

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Dustin Williams — Allied Cycle Works


DUSTIN WILLIAMS — heads up marketing and technology for Allied Cycle Works. Allied builds BEAUTIFUL bikes for roadies and gravel riders, and they do it right here in the good ole' USA. It's pretty cool to be able to see your bike come together and even talk to the folks building it. Dustin and I share a surprisingly common background, with bikes, skateboards, and adventure as a central theme. We had a blast on this episode and we're already talking about a follow-up. Stop reading and start listening already ;-).

Ana Van Pelt - Niche Snowboards


ANA VAN PELT — is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Niche Snowboards. She is passionate, interesting and really pushing the boundaries of what is possible with eco-friendly manufacturing at Niche. It turns out it’s possible to make high performing products without causing a bunch of damage in your wake. We talked about snowboarding, going outside, learning new languages, saving the environment, hunting, vegetarians, women in sports and all kinds of random topics.

Ruben Torenbeek - RAAW


RUBEN TORENBEEK — is the founder and designer of RAAW Mountain Bikes. RAAW has one bike on the market, the Madonna, and judging by the reviews, people are loving it. Adam and Ruben talked about everything from how the company came to be to assembling and riding the very first bike.

Marketing Talk — What Is Content?


MARKETING TALK — What is Content? A talk about content's real power... it's quality. It's a ruckus chat of marketing, rants, technical difficulties, and everything in between — were we then come full circle and end up discussing the merits of quality vs. quantity in content — think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance plus two crazy people, one of whom has never read that book.

Steve Mokan - Chasing Epic


STEVE MOKAN — breaking free from corporate America, Steve created Chasing Epic for people who want epic vacations and epic adventures. Adam talks with the guy who gets paid to take you for a ride. The two talk dogs, mountain lions, bikes, and crazy EPIC rides,...of course.

Joe McEwan - Starling Cycles


JOE MCEWAN — is an interesting, do-it-all kind of guy. Welder, aerospace engineer, early golfer, better cyclist, and maker of amazing, one-of-a-kind mountain bikes. Listen in as Adam and Joe, founder of Starling Cycles, talk about bikes and more. We think Adam was hypnotized by Joe’s accent, but we aren’t sure. Let us know what you think.

Jason Flynn - High Society Freeride Company


JASON FLYNN — of High Society Freeride Company is part of a dynamic duo, formerly of a quatro, working at Snowmass who decided ‘let's make our own boards’! Things take-off from there and now they've got a company that creates their own unique adventure. Listen as Jason talks shop, sharks, and wild fires with Adam and thinks about where the future of snowboarding goes from here.

Bobby Acuna - Foes Racing


BOBBY ACUNA — of Foes Racing, is the guy to talk to if you want to shred a Foes frame. Not only does he race their bikes, he also runs sales, marketing and customer service for the brand. Adam and Bobby discuss racing, bikes, family, basically, all the important stuff in life! The mountain biking world is changing fast and Foes is keeping their finger on the pulse.

Marketing Talk - Can you digitize events? Should you?


MARKETING TALK — Getting people to kick the tires is key to converting new fans and customers. They've come, they've demo'ed and you've made personal, human connections through good old fashioned conversation. Then everyone goes home. Now what? Adam and Micky explore the question: Is there a way to use digital to extend the connections? And brainstorm ideas on how to build on those already meaningful experiences.

Kevin Menard - Transition Bikes


KEVIN MENARD — Kevin is one of the founders of Transition bikes. He's a passionate, fun, down to earth guy who truly loves this sport. Transition makes some of the baddest bikes on the planet and today we talk a bit about how that all comes together and what's happening in the mountain biking industry.

Social Media, Standing Out When Everyone Looks The Same


MARKETING TALK — Social media is more important than ever. Not just as a means of reaching new people, but for setting your brand apart...Why then, in industries so hell-bent on individuality, does everyone look the same?

Chad Perrin - Spacecraft Collective & Slash Snowboards


CHAD PERRIN — Chad is heads up marketing for Spacecraft Collective and Slash Snowboards. He has a long history of shaping the sports we love form the inside out. He's passionate about mountain biking and snowboarding and has been helping to shape the sports we love from the inside out for a long time.

The Future of Video in Adventure Sports Marketing


MARKETING TALK — We all know that video is (or should be) part of your marketing efforts, but is all video created equal? Is all video good? Have standards changed?