Waters Corp.

The Science Of What's Possible

Typical problem. Atypical solution.

Waters is a super smart company that came to us for a better way to train super smart people (scientists!). Specifically, they needed to create an interactive and engaging eLearning solution to train scientists on using a highly technical software product efficiently, enabling them to do all sorts of things we can’t pronounce!

Our answer was to wrap context and imagery around the technical subject matter, creating a story to take the user through and adding a strong narrative to guide the learner along the predefined path. We formed hands on “try it” sections backed by visually driven video lectures and interactive knowledge check components designed to test the users retention of the information. The result is not just beautiful and engaging, it’s super smart!


Waters Corp.

waters-logoFor fifty years, Waters Corp. has developed innovative analytical science solutions to support customer discoveries, operations, performance, and regulatory compliance.

Waters Corp., a publicly traded corporation (NYSE:WAT) headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, holds worldwide leading positions in complementary analytical technologies - liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, rheometry and microcalorimetry.  These markets account for approximately $5.0 billion of the estimated $20 - $25 billion worldwide analytical instrumentation market.

Specifically, the company designs, manufactures, sells and services ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), chromatography columns and chemistry products, mass spectrometry (MS) systems, thermal analysis and rheometry instruments.