Humanizing Healthcare

A mobile studio and a smile

Doctors are busy. I know… shocker, right? But seriously, crazy busy. So when Tufts needed to film a whole bunch of them, we brought the studio to them. We transformed a conference room into a studio for a few days and had the doctors swing by as their schedule permitted. No travel time, no time off, no complicated scheduling… just making it work.

The whole point was to capture the human side of these awesome Docs and give a glimpse into who they are — how could we expect to do that if we were adding stress to their day? That’s why, in addition to the on location studio, we kept the shoot conversational. Who acts like themselves when being interviewed? Who acts “normal” when the cameras are rolling and all eyes are on you? No one. So we sat them down, had the cameras tucked away and started talking to them, asking interesting questions and helping them to open up about who they are and why they do what they do.


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