StubHub Festivals

The experience around the experience.

GET there  >>  Stay there  >>  Eat there  >>  Be there

StubHub wanted to become further ingrained in the festival scene, going beyond a ticket resource to become a part of the experience. Our answer? This portal-based planning tool for music festivals and their fans. Here, music fans can do everything they need to plan their life-altering adventure, from getting their tickets to planning their stage hopping by artist. Once they have tickets, we help them rent a house, find a hotel or lock down a camp site (maybe even at a discount). We provide set lists in advance to help plan their days and make sure they catch all their favorite bands no matter what stage they are on. We provide shopping lists and how-to’s for meal prep, making them the kings and queens of the festival grounds. One main design element was a visual social feed with trending hashtags to build relevance and let users feed off the virality of impending festival excitement. The experience is enhanced with lists for the gear you need to thrive… Sun block, sleeping bags, coolers, beer pong, ingredients, recipes, solar phone chargers and more.

Thanks to StubHub, once you get there… you can be there.



At StubHub, thier mission is simple: help fans find fun. They connect fans with their favorite teams, shows and artists and introduce them to the ones they'll love next. And as one of the world's largest ticket marketplaces, they enable fans to buy and sell tens of thousands of tickets, whenever they want, through our desktop and mobile experiences, including thier apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000 and continues to lead it through innovation. Industry firsts include the introduction of the first ticketing application, the first interactive seat mapping tool and the first live entertainment rewards program, Fan Rewards™. Their business partners include more than 60 teams in MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA, plus ESPN, NBC Digital, AEG and Paciolan. Throughout North America and the United Kingdom, StubHub provides the total end-to-end event going experience that is the way ticket buying should be. StubHub is an eBay company (NASDAQ: EBAY)