Bobby Acuna  — Foes Racing



EPISODE 06 — Bobby Acuna (Foes Racing) is the guy to talk to if you want to shred a Foes frame. Not only does he race their bikes, he also runs sales, marketing and customer service for the brand. Adam and Bobby discuss racing, bikes, family, basically, all the important stuff in life! The mountain biking world is changing fast and Foes is keeping their finger on the pulse. There’s more to discover, like references and links in the show notes. You’re welcome.


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We collected some mentions, resources, and stuff discussed in this episode:
Foes Racing
Bobby Acuna — check him out on FB
Race Pedal Fest
East Walker Ranch
Greg and Gina Flanagan promoters of Pedal Fest
Getting Started in XC Racing
NICA (National Interacholastic Cycling Association)
Nik Nestoroff
YT Industries
FOES Alpine
FOES Mixer Trail
FOES Mixer Enduro
FOES The Mutz
Salsa Cycles
Brent Foes

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