Ana Van Pelt — Niche Snowboards



EPISODE 12 — Ana is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Niche Snowboards. She is passionate, interesting and really pushing the boundaries of what is possible with eco-friendly manufacturing at Niche. It turns out it’s possible to make high performing products without causing a bunch of damage in your wake. We talked about snowboarding, going outside, learning new languages, saving the environment, hunting, vegetarians, women in sports and all kinds of random topics. This was a blast!
There’s more to discover, like references and links in the show notes. Have at it.


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We collected some mentions, resources, and stuff discussed in this episode:
Niche’s Instagram
Niche Snowboards
Learn more about Recyclamine
Zosia Olenska’s website
Zosia Olenska’s Instagram
Sophie Lécuyer’s website
Sophie Lécuyer’s Instagram

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